This year’s been a busy one in the writing dept. In April, I finished the first draft of a book for Chicken House. After a two week break to recover, I then got started on my next story for Faber, which I finished a (very rough) first draft of at the end of July. Though the two book projects are quite different, the process I went through in the writing of them felt similar, and made me wonder if I’m starting to develop a bit of a pattern to how I work. Here’s how things seemed to go …

Stage 1


Drink tea. Select notebook. Do research. Doodle with coloured pens. A lot. Ideas feel jangly + superficial. Drink more tea. Drag out of self- kicking and screaming- a word count of approx 500 words a day. Constant revisions. Have an idea for the title. Put the kettle on.


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