I’m Emma Carroll, author of books for anyone of any age – although you’ll probably find them in a book shop or library in the 9-12 section.

You’re most likely to find me hanging out in the Somerset Hills drinking tea and writing under the watchful eye of my Jack Russell terriers.


IT’S HERE!!!… Well, almost!

I’m delighted to share with you the cover to my next book, The Week At World’s End, which comes out on Sept 2nd, 2021. I’m particularly excited about this because the book was meant to come out last year but didn’t because of Covid. Also, it’s set in 1962, and was inspired by my mum’s account of living through the few, terrifying days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The beautiful cover art is by Daniela Terrazzini, who is re-imagining all my covers over the next year or so. To date, she’s so far worked on new covers for When We Were Warriors, The Somerset Tsunami, and my absolute favourite ( it made me shiver when I saw it!) Frost Hollow Hall. I’ll be sharing these with you soon.

In the meantime, Faber have created a very dramatic book trailer for The Week At World’s End, which you can watch here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlXaVVIbdnY

The book is also available to preorder through your local indie bookshops (this helps authors and publishers A LOT because it gives them an indication of how popular the book’s going to be. So, if you can, please do!) Or you can order it from your local library.

In September I’ll be doing a bookshop signing at The Rocketship Bookshop- details here: https://rocketshipbookshop.co.uk/event/emma-carroll-the-week-at-worlds-end-in-store-signing/ 

Plus there’ll be news of lots more bookshop signings which I’ll post here in the coming weeks, so STAY TUNED! 




You may have noticed I didn’t have a book out in 2020. The reason? Covid. Which means those delayed books are now happening in 2021, so without further ado, let me introduce them to you ….

  1. January 7th 2021: The Ghost Garden ( illustrated by Kaja Kajfez) published by Barrington Stoke . There’s a review from blogger Minerva Reads here: http://www.minervareads.com/the-ghost-garden-by-emma-carroll/

The Ghost Garden by Emma Carroll


2.  September 2nd 2021:  The Week At World’s End ( Faber) Set over a few days in 1962, best friends Stevie and Ray’s boring, predictable life takes an exciting turn when they discover a runaway girl hiding in Stevie’s coal shed. The girl, Anna, needs their help: someone is following her, trying to poison her. As if that’s not dramatic enough, on the news the Americans and Russians are threatening nuclear war. The two things don’t seem connected… or are they? (cover in progress, with a new illustrator and it’s a beauty! Can’t wait to share it.)

3. November 11th 2021: A Night At the Frost Fair (Simon and Schuster) This story originally featured in the ‘Winter Magic’ anthology a few years ago, but has had a little makeover from me, and gained a new, sparkly look thanks to the accompanying festive illustrations by an incredible, award-winning illustrator ( details to be revealed soon!)

All three books are available to pre-order through your local indie bookshops, or from all the online book retailers. If you can pre-order, please do- it’s a huge help to authors and bookshops! x



My next book, ‘The Somerset Tsunami’ is publishing 3rd October 2019. It’s my first full-length novel for over a year, and was the Editor’s Choice for 9-12 fiction in The Bookseller, so I’m really excited to share it with you! The story is inspired by the true events of January, 1607 when a huge surge of seawater flooded the Somerset coast. Recent research suggests it may have been a tsunami. Our main character is Fortune Sharpe, a girl who’s often mistaken for a boy, which doesn’t make life easy for her. I hope you’ll enjoy her adventures! 





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