I am offering ONLINE EVENTS ONLY for schools, currently. I fully appreciate it isn’t quite the same as meeting in real life, but my writing schedule is pretty hectic for the coming months. So, by saving time on travelling it means I can fit in more of the short visits that teachers find seem to work well alongside teaching Letters and/or Sun King. 

I’m also very happy to arrange book sales and signed, personalised bookplates via trusty bookseller Bronnie at

Events can be via Zoom or Google Meet, and will work in small group, whole class or assembly-sized settings. Below are my fees and what I offer: 

  • 30mins Q+A  session- £125
  • 1 hr author talk on your chosen topic/book, short readings + Q+A- £250
  • 2 hr Mini School Visit- 1 hr author talk as above, plus 1hr creative writing session with a class-sized group) – £375

NB: these are fees for online workshops. My fees for in-person events remain unchanged. They are as follows and are in line with The Society Of Authors recommended rates:

-1 hour author talk- £295 plus expenses

-Half day visit ( author talk + workshop)- £500 plus expenses

-Full day visit- £750 plus expenses

Contact me at:


My Qualifications

I have a PGCE in English and 18 years classroom experience. I also have an MA in Creative Writing. I have appeared at the Edinburgh, Bath, Cheltenham and Hay Festivals, and am a tutor for the Arvon Foundation on their creative writing courses for schools and adults.

3 thoughts on “SCHOOL VISITS

    1. Hi Alison, what a lovely invitation, thanks very much. Do you have an email address where I can contact you so we can chat further about a possible trip? Many thanks + look forward to hearing from you, Emma

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