WOOHOO- and other happy noises!

Just a quick update to say I’m delighted that In Darkling Wood has been selected from a MEGA longlist to be on the shortlist for the Shrewsbury Book Festival Book Award 2016.

In Darkling Wood


The other shortlisted books are scarily brilliant so this might be the last WOOHOO I make on the subject- apart from to cheer on whoever wins! You can read all about the shortlist here: http://www.shrewsburybookfest.co.uk/book-award-2016-shortlist/4591259420


4 thoughts on “WOOHOO- and other happy noises!

  1. I’m currently reading it and loving it… so well deserved! I am an English and Drama teacher- hoping to use it as a stimulus for a improvised play next term- hope you approve!

    1. Hi Annabel
      What a lovely comment- thank you! I’m thrilled to hear you might be using IDW in school. Best of luck! In the meantime, enjoy your very well-deserved Xmas break. Happy Christmas! Emma

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