A WEEK OF UPS AND DOWNS (or downs and ups)

It’s been one of those weeks.

I’m currently 40k+ words into the first draft of my WIP and I DON’T KNOW HOW ITS GOING TO END!! Well, I’ve got the very final chapter sorted, but its the ‘how we get there’ part that’s doing my head in and making me have all sorts of ‘arrrrgggghhh’ hair pulling moments. It’s probably why I’m writing this blog post. If things get much worse, I might even tackle my ironing pile.

Luckily though, this week has also been full of the loveliest ‘up’ moments. On Wednesday evening I was invited as the Guest Author to speak to aspiring children’s authors on a writing retreat at the Arvon Foundation’s Totleigh Barton Centre in Devon.You may know from previous blogs how dear to me Totleigh Barton is, so any opportunity to visit reminds me of all that is good with the world.


Suffice to say it was a wonderful evening of stories, laughter, wine (quite a bit of that!) and a genuine shared passion for children’s books and writing. I met some truly lovely folks, and felt very humbled and honoured to be part of their writing week. It was also fantastic to catch up with my MA mentor Marcus Sedgwick and fellow Hay festival panellist Gillian Cross. Though I admit it was pretty nerve-wracking to speak about my books in front of two of my writing heroes! *Gulp*

On Thursday, bleary eyed from my late night at Totleigh, I stumbled into school for my one day a week of teaching. Between lessons and via a very dodgy WIFI connection, I discovered that Frost Hollow Hall had won the Hillingdon Libraries Book of the Year Award!


Local schools had to choose their favourite book from a shortlist of 8 and perform/present aspects of it to the (rather large) audience. The whole ceremony was live-tweeted, with pics! I’ve never seen so many Tillys and Gracies and Dorcases in my life! Fabulous!

The week isn’t over yet so I can’t write the ending. Which reminds me…. I can’t put it off for ever.


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