A Little Bit Of News….

Quite a lot of exciting book-related things are going on at the moment- some of which I can’t yet reveal,  a couple of which I can.

Firstly, The Girl Who Walked On Air is to be published in Taiwan. Whoop!

Secondly, a month ago I was approached via my agent by Collins Educational, who asked if I would write a 5000 ‘take’ on Wuthering Heights for primary readers. At this time, i was already on a tight deadline for Faber. It was the busy time of year for the A level students I teach. And, I was just about to spend the first week of the Easter hols teaching on an Arvon course. Plus, Collins wanted the finished script by the end of April.


Well, of course I couldn’t possibly… except Wuthering Heights is one of my all-time favourite books. I adore it and know it inside out. So, against my better judgement I said YES.

Suffice to say the book was a dream to write. It didn’t take too long, and actually served to get me back on track with my own Faber story, which had hit a 20,000 word wall. Writing such a compact text was a great exercise in plot and word count discipline. It also meant working with a different publisher, which was fun.

The Collins Big Cat series ties in with the new Key Stage 2 curriculum demands for familiarity with classic texts. Some great writers have re-worked great stories- John Agard, Julie Berry, Fleur Hitchcock to name a few. Can’t wait to read them.



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