So ‘In Darkling Wood’ officially became a book-shaped thing last week, when a beautiful proof copy arrived in the post.I’m rather nervous/excited about this story because it’s set partly in the modern day. AND it’s a dual narrative of sorts- neither had I tried before.

The first review came a couple of weeks ago from Fiona Noble at The Bookseller who included it in her Summer Round-up, saying she ‘absolutely loved it,’ and that it was ‘wonderful, evocative storytelling.’ A big PHEW from me! And lots of happy whooping! Let’s hope other readers like it too.

It’s amazing to think that just over a year ago I’d written the first shaky 10,000.

Since then, the story has gone from this…


To this…


Then this…


And (almost finally) to this…


Now it’s the turn of those brilliant champions of kids lit to see what they think. Bloggers, booksellers, reviewers- keeping everything crossed you like it!


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