Writing (almost) Full Time by Emma Carroll


Since dropping more teaching hours this academic year, I’m now writing almost full time. I say ‘almost’, because I still teach one day a week in school, and that one day is a godsend. No, I haven’t had a late career epiphany. I haven’t gone slowly mad from working at home, either, nor do I crave that day for its contact with the outside world. It’s a money thing, that’s all.

Most writers know writing alone doesn’t pay the bills. I’m not talking ‘new car, new kitchen, foreign holiday’ type bills- I’m talking the basics like heat and light. For 20 years now, I’ve done a job (teaching) that has a regular income, paid holiday, sick pay, a pension. My parents, public sector workers all their lives, found it hard to understand why I’d want to give all this up. Writing doesn’t offer these things.

Nor does writing have an…

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