A very quick post to rant a bit more about the absolute amazingness of being nominated for the Carnegie Award 2015 with’The Girl Who Walked On Air’. Yes, I really did just write that last sentence.


This is an extremely prestigious award, voted for by the people who know books best of all- librarians. Just to be nominated is a massive honour for a newbie writer like me. The nominations list totals a whopping 93 books and reads like dream. There’s such a tasty mix of experience, experimentation, debuts and the traditional. Massive congrats to everyone on the list and to the librarians who voted for our books. I for one wouldn’t want to be deciding the longlist!

Check out the nominations here: release=pres_2015_nom_announce_carnegie.html


11 thoughts on “THE GIRL WHO WALKED ON AIR….is me!!!

  1. I’ve just finished reading ‘The Girl Who…..’ in preparation for a school bookclub that I run. I thought it was a fantastic read – atmospheric, touching and very, very exciting! I’m now putting together some related activities for the club and wonder whether you have any ideas? I’m going to ask the children to pretend to be circus performers and draw their own ‘cartes de visites’ and we’ll also do mock interviews with someone acting Louie and another person a newspaper reporter. We could also do circus posters or wear a top hat to be the circus announcer. Any other ideas gratefully received!

    1. Hi Lizzy
      Thank you so much for choosing The Girl Who walked On Air for your school bookclub. Out of interest where is your school? Your activities sound amazing- I’m sure the students will have a great time! Other ideas? Sounds like you’ve got it pretty much covered so maybe a quiz on facts about tightrope walkers? You could do it in the style of that TV show ‘Would I lie to You? ‘ where each person presents a statement as if it’s fact and everyone has to guess if is or isn’t? There’s some pretty crazy facts about Blondin and Philippe Petit who walked between the Twin Towers. Also maybe some very tame circus skills? I leave that to your discretion!!! Another idea is designing their own circus wagon from a shoe box, furnishing the inside and painting the outside.
      I’d love to know how you get on!
      All best
      Emma πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Emma

        Many thanks for getting back to me and for your wonderful ideas! I’m definitely going to try out the true/false facts about tightrope walkers – I love the fact that Blondin cooked an omelette on the wire and then lowered it to the people waiting in the boat below. Unfortunately we only have 30 minutes so I won’t have time to do the circus wagon idea (but maybe I’ll try that out with my kids, who are 9 and 11). And my juggling really isn’t up to scratch, sadly. I’m also thinking about making felt hearts and asking the children about their most precious possession, the thing that they’d take with them if the house caught on fire. There’s a lovely children’s flap book called ‘See the Circus’ by H.A. Rey that I’m going to read to them too.

        I love in Oxford and the school where Lunchboox runs is called St Barnabas. If you’re interested, I’ll report back after my session today!

        Thanks again!


  2. I’m in the middle of reading the girl who walk on air and I think it is a fantastic book. I am a huge fan of books so to to hear this from me you should be amazed because when I do start reading a book I find mystery in the story and that it what you did.
    Thank you for writing the book.

    1. Hi Victoria, I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying The Girl Who Walked On Air. Don’t worry- if you’re halfway through there’s plenty more mystery to come! Hope you had a very happy Christmas. Massive thanks for getting in touch- you’ve made my day! Emma:))

  3. Dear Emma
    Congratulations on being nominated for the Carnegie Award 2015. You well and truly deserve it. I bought both Frost Hollow Hall and The Girl who walked on Air as a Christmas present for my daughter who is 10 years old. She experiences difficulties with reading but is doing a sterling job getting less tired as she continues to persist. We just finished reading Frost Hollow Hall together. We completed the book in a week! The last few chapters saw my daughter read more and more aloud to me and I do less. It was such a joy for me. She was captivated! The last few chapters of the book saw us both cry and then smile. A wonderful book. I especially like the fact that your books are not the beginning of a series! Just one beautiful story to savor and enjoy. Thank you.
    We are now reading The Girl Who walked on Air. My daughter insisted she start reading aloud first. Well done to you in helping my daughter discover the joy of reading. We cannot wait to start reading more of the book.
    Look forward to your next. …
    Joanne (Australia)

    1. Hi Joanne
      What a lovely message! Huge thanks for taking time to write. I’m so delighted to hear you and your daughter both enjoyed Frost Hollow Hall- and as for the reading aloud part- wow! That’s terrific! Books are amazing, magical things. The joy of a story is so simple and uncomplicated, I think it really is one of the best feelings in the world- I’m so glad your daughter has discovered it! Happy reading! Emmax

      1. Hi Emma
        Just an update…my daughter took Frost Hollow Hall to school to show what she had read over the holidays. The Junior School principal happened to be in her class at the time. After my daughter discussed the book to her class, the principal asked if she could borrow the book to read. I understand that they are going to order it for the school library!
        My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed “The girl who walked on air” – our fingers are crossed for the Carnegie Award.
        Joanne (Australia)

  4. Hi Joanne and daughter! How brilliant to hear The Girl Who Walked On Air is being read on the other side of the world. I’m so glad your daughter enjoyed the book- hopefully the principal did too! Thank you so much for your kind words. It was lovely to wake up to such a nice message today, all best wishes, Emma πŸ™‚

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