Some dates you never forget: important birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries of big things (good and bad!). For me, October 3rd, 2013 is one of those dates because it’s the day I became a published author.

Unknown Sitting at my desk this morning with a cup of tea and Jack Russell terrier for company, I’m in reflective mood. A year of being a published author… what have I achieved? Have there been low points ?  What would I like to achieve in the coming year? Achievements first: I am now the author of two published novels. Both seem to be selling- phew! ‘Frost Hollow Hall’ won the North East Book Award and was long listed for the Branford Boase. ‘The Girl Who Walked On Air’ was a Sunday Times Book of the Week- hooray! My publishers Faber offered me another deal. I’ve written two more books for them in draft form- one is a full length novel, the other a Christmas themed novella. I’m about to start another full length manuscript. This last year has clarified things for me . I really do LOVE being a writer. Not just the writing part, but the school visits and the festivals, the interacting with readers and other writers. It’s so fascinating! I know I’m a happier more fulfilled person because of it. My husband says so too! Having dropped my teaching hours, I’m also a lot poorer- (*cliche alert here*). This is a lifestyle choice I’m happy with. But… yes there’s alway a but…Writing is very hard work. It’s greedy with your time. It doesn’t cover the bills alone ( for most of us). It feeds your insecurities- am I good enough? Will people like it? How will I feel if they don’t? What if it doesn’t sell? And much as you hate yourself for doing it, you DO compare yourself to other writers which, frankly, is asking for trouble. There’s always someone who’s selling more books, getting more coverage, winning more prizes. And good luck to them because we all benefit if the industry is kept healthy. In July next year, my third book will be out there. Fingers crossed the world likes it. Fingers crossed too I’ll still be with my brilliant publishers. Whatever happens, I know I’ll be writing. Which leaves me only one thing left to say…


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