Why I Can’t Wait For August…

1. Because it’s summer holiday time

By ‘holiday’ I mean rain, traffic jams, bored kids and if you’re lucky, a bit of sunburn. There’s something very British about August. It’s unique.

2. Because The Great British Bake Off returns

  Who knew watching people make cakes could be so gripping? I think it’s got quite a bit to do with Mel and Sue, actually.

3. Because Sarah Waters’ new book is published


 It’s been a long five years since The Little Stranger. I.Can.Not. Wait.

4. Because I’m Performing At The Edinburgh Festival


 *Gulp* Can hardly believe I’ve just written that. But it’s true! On 23rd August I’m talking circuses with William Sutcliffe, author of ‘Circus of Thieves’. https://www.edbookfest.co.uk/the-festival/whats-on/roll-up-roll-up-emma-carroll-william-sutcliffe

And Finally…

5. Because my book 2, The Girl Who Walked On Air, is published

51We24uzGSL I’m nervous, excited, nervous, excited, nervous, excited. You get the picture. August is shaping up to be quite a month!


4 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Wait For August…

  1. I’ve been waiting for The Great British Bake Off to start for ages…is it not on until August? Damn it!! 😦 Congrats on the Edinburgh Book Fest!

    1. Thank you! Like you I’ve been waiting for GBBO for ages too and was sad enough to trawl the internet in search of an answer! But just think how exciting it’ll be when it does start… and august isn’t far away now. 🙂

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